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The biggest Luboy began showing signs of boredom!

This is a sign Deschooling is coming to a close for him 🙂


  I don’t want to rush into anything we aren’t in a hurry here so I thought I would use this time to try out some concepts and curriculum.   So there is this concept out there in homeschooled land called workboxes. It originated HERE and you can read more about it HERE and HERE and HERE and on work folders HERE. Basically the concept is that everyday there is a set amount of things that get done and they are separated into drawers or bins.

I’m a crossroads of I don’t want to be that detailed and ORGANIZE ALL THE THINGS!

           I very much support the unschooling movement but I’m struggling with how to make it fit in with my need to be scheduled kids. I came across some folders in my collection of schoolish things and thought they might make a good start for workboxes and save on space and commitment until we decided on things.

Here is Caelan’s workfolder on his desk.


  Inside I have placed 3×5 cards temporarily to identify what is in each pocket.


I pulled out a few things we wanted to try and made copies on the computer or included the actual book. I also am using this time to do some remedial work in different areas. This also allows for the middle Luboys to do school with us on a few subjects. So far this is working. He definitely has his favorites (Draw, Write, Now and Critical Thinking’s Mind Benders) but I think he likes having things set out for him.

The downside is general laziness. On my part if I don’t get things refreshed in his folders and on his part because he wants to jump around and do what he likes and skip what he doesn’t. I can see the benefit of actually having the bins or drawers for larger items and more of a flow. On the other hand, I really like flexibility of skipping around. Consistent, I know! It was good to try some of our different curriculums without feeling the pressure of retention. We just dabbled: History Pockets, Handwriting Without Tears, MathUSee, Random Science Workbook, Draw Write Now, Critical Thinking Mind Benders and Dr. DooRiddles, and a few other random things.

The deschooling boredom wasn’t quite ready for buckling down and summer has so many other options available, mainly the library and free bowling, so we didn’t want to worry too much about starting now. We are doing lax unit studies, watching movies and checking out books from the library on a theme and discussing them. I think when we are ready to start I will combine the folder with a set of drawers to hold larger items. I plan to make generous use of my “velcro” sticky dots and design some workbox tags. We still need to finish setting up the toddler play zone to keep the tiny Luboy entertained for school as well as a computer and listening station.

If you are thinking of starting or just starting your homeschooling journey I can now offer you this advice: take it slow. Get used to being together. Find out your children’s interests and how they learn. Don’t become overwhelmed with all of the options out there and think you need to buy something for every subject. There is no deadline. Used curriculum sale groups on facebook, garage sales, thrift stores, friends, the library, and free sources online offer plenty of options to start with. Try out different things and see if it works. Identify the hidden school in everyday things. In our world lately this has been Pokemon!