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We have done it!

We have taken the plunge!

It’s something we’ve talked about for 7 years,

since the biggest Luboy was just a bump on my belly.

We are now Home’s Coolers!

(See what I did there?!?)


Home’s Cool!

     So far we are playing a lot, getting used to all being in our tiny home together, finding what the strengths and weaknesses are, and in all manners “deschooling.” (more info here and here and some more here)


Creating Habitats

     We were often asked when people would see pictures of our house, our kids playing, or if they were actually allowed in the house, if we homeschooled. We always answered we wish! Our kids toys have often been ordered from Learning Resources, Creative Playthings, Mindware, Plan Toys, etc. Santa knows to shop here too. The posters in the playroom include biomes, solar system, number chart, parts of speech, etc. Their idea of a fun Saturday morning of TV involves Wild Kratts, Schoolhouse Rock, Leap Frog, Eyewitness, Rock and Learn, etc. We are pretty lucky on that front. Now, don’t’ get me wrong they absolutely love their My Little Ponies, Superheros, Transformers, and Pokemon! They are big fans of LARP-ing




Thinkfun Games

      So far their favorite curriculum has been an old Wizards of the Coast Pokemon Jr. Adventure game. They only made one of these sets, though there were originally intended to be about a dozen or so all together. IT’s a mix between an RPG and the CCG. Dad leads these stories. At first he was a bit grumble about DM-ing a Pokemon story but soon he and the kids all got into it and are very sad to be almost at the end. Hey, WoTC, think we can work out those issues and publish some more?!? If you have Poke-fans this game is a must! You do need an adult or older child to handle the reading and direct the play. It’s kind of a choose your own adventure type deal. The game involves storytelling, problem solving, decision making, math, and teamwork!


Pokemon Adventure with Dad

      Initially the real push to homeschool had to do with fundage. We were spending more in gas for school transportation than our other bills. We didn’t want to transfer schools with 9 weeks left so we figured we try out this homeschooling thing we’ve been meaning to do. The unintended results are amazing.


Crafting Presents

       As some of you know we use the company to help up identify foods that are free of preservatives and artificial flavors and colors. These things make my children bounce off the walls. It also helps us avoid foods high in naturally occurring salycic acid, which makes my children emotional rage-ful wrecks. Now that they are home, we have been in better control of what goes on their plate and there have been less meltdowns and calmer children. This could also be attributed to less sensory overload and limited transitions which tend to set the kids off kilter. If they need to bounce, swing, spin, go upside down, be squeezed tight, chew on something, be alone, or anything else to manage their sensory input they can receive it immediately. They really do require an ridiculously high amount of proprioceptive and vestibular input!


Bouncing out the Sillies in the Rain

      Whoever said Homeschool kids suffered from socialization never looked into what options are out there! We sometimes have to turn down events or playdates because we just need to stay home for a day! There are group meetups, classes, playgrounds, libraries, the zoo, museums, theatres, you name it! The added benefit is sometimes the attendees are variable so the kids are learning how to make new friends quickly and how to communicate with new people. I’m curious how we will balance our curriculum with social events but I’m not very stressed about it. I watch them have complex conversations about math, science, and history while playing at Homeschool PE or having a Minecraft LAN party. These kids are little learning sponges!


Hanging Monkey @ Homeschool PE!


Minecraft LAN party

In an attempt to keep up with what I find and what we are doing, I hope to write more on this blog.

Channeling my inner Doogie Howser, MD!