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I think it’s time we split ways.

Library Overdrive, Kindle Cloud, Plugging in and clicking and dragging and clicking and loading and UGH!

You have become too high maintenance for me. I was excited with your potential in the beginning. You were the first to have Hulu and Netflix capabilities. You had color and animated children’s books. It was great. Then you kind of stalled out and became harder to please.

I have been wooed by Kindle Fire. Not only because I am already a Prime member but also because they now have Kindle Freetime. The ability to control which apps my kids can see and how long they can play has amazing potential!

Kindle Freetime


The head Luboy is a phenomenal reader. However he is also a young boy. Six now, to be exact. He’s been reading for two years. He is also quite convinced that he will be a teenager soon.

This makes for quite the challenge to find a book for him to read. It has to be challenging enough to stimulate his reading skills but interesting enough to make him want to keep reading it. This summer he decided to start reading a Magic School Bus chapter book. He LOVES science and since the show had recently hit the Netflix airwaves he knew all of the characters. We had stumbled upon a few at Goodwill and I had them on the shelf to read later. He laid them all out and chose one about whales. He thought it would be fun to read the book and then take a deep sea boat tour out to see whales for real. I love this kid!

The reading level was a bit too high but we were reading it together and it was going well. Then his ADHD kicked in and the book was too long, and too boring, and when can we go see the whales already?!? Ugh. After that I couldn’t get him to read ANYTHING! No B.O.B. books, no Dr. Seuss, no Lego Readers, no I Spy, NOTHING! Crap. …. Crap, crap, crap. We’d been derailed! I tried the allure of shopping for new books, reading on the e-reader, on the computer, … anything. I didn’t want to push too hard and completely destroy reading for him so I laid off.

A few weeks later, while browsing the shelves at Goodwill I stumbled upon an Elephant and Piggie
book for $0.69! I have a book hoarding problem. We can discuss that later. I promise. When I came home the Luboyz all lined up to see what treasures mom had found. The head Luboy was quite put out that the bag was full of books and baby clothes. I laid the books out, knowing that he couldn’t resist the temptation to read the titles and flex those mind muscles.

He immediately recognized the Elephant and Piggie
book. He read. “Today. I. Will. Fly.” and chuckled. He reached out and touched the cover. He read it again. Then laughed and said “Pigs can’t fly.” I pretended to have something important to do in the other room and spied on him from the doorway. He looked around and opened the book. He started giggling. He sat down and read it. Complete with voices and inflection and massive amounts of drama. Then he tracked down his brothers and let them know they “HAD” to hear this story. He then read it to them. Soon he was tracking down the other Elephant and Piggie
books in the house and reading them to his brothers. Then he slowly started reading other books and writing stories again.

Victory! Mo Willems saved the Head Luboy from a life without words!! Thank you, Mo Willems!!