My kids are picture book aficionados. Being the children of a librarian I often test new books and storytime material on them. I can judge by their reaction if the story will be a hit, if the kids will sit through it, if it will make an impression. You know you’ve found the right book when they ask for it night after night until you’ve run out of hold renewals at the public library. Without a doubt my kids love Bob Shea. It all started when I tried out Dinosaur vs. the Potty to battle a stubborn little boy’s refusal to potty learn. It worked!


They loved it. They laughed and reenacted the story the next day.

So we tried out Dinosaur vs. Bedtime. Soon we were racing to bed, winning at each step of the routine.


Not to be confused for Race You to Bed which actually encourages racing to bed and for a short time had my children racing to be the first one asleep. Wish that had lasted longer!


I picked up a new book at the bookfair I’m a Shark. The cover was cute and I loved the humor proposed just on the cover.


Once we read it at home I realized it was another Bob Shea book!

So I hit the library catalog and put in a request for any other Bob Shea book.

Dino_Library-580x657 GILBERT-580x626 MeWantPet-580x576 New_Socks-580x700

One after the other the books came in and had the Luboyz stamp of awesome approval!

The latest we’ve read is Cheetah Can’t Lose.


An adorable twist reminiscent of the tortoise and the hare. Cheetah is an over-confident bully of a winner and the cute cats have a plan to earn their way on the winner’s board. Cheetah’s insatiable desire to win at everything leads him straight into their clever trap. The humor of the situation is aimed at adults but it doesn’t take long before the kids understand it too. I particularly love that about Bob Shea’s books, they teach sarcasm, satire, and comedic timing! In the end the cat’s realize they’ve been little stinkers and share their winnings with Cheetah. I’m not sure Cheetah learns a lesson here but the kids sure did.

Next on our Bob Shea list are the following:

Big_Plans-580x759 oh_Daddy-580x630 wedgieman-580x700Dino_santa-580x650Unicorndon't play with your food